Oh hey! Its me Marlie. Let me start off by first welcoming you to 'Valley Girl Beauty'. 

So, I'm guessing that your wanting to learn a little bit about me. I'm Utah born and raised and from a small town called Heber Valley, I'm now living in the Salt Lake City area. I've always had a passion for fashion and a love for all things beauty, ever since a young age. I loved it so much that I decided to graduated High school before the middle of my senior year and start Cosmetology school ASAP! I graduated from Wasatch High school class of 2016 and cosmetology school from MATC in February of 2017. I'm sure at this point you may have already started doing the math in your head, and have realized just how young I am. 

I've loved my career since day one, I even loved hair school from day one. I still remember from when i was 5 years old and was watching 'Steel Magnolias' with my Mom and saw Dolly Parton as a hair dresser with her at home salon and that was the moment when I knew what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew that I wanted to make people feel pretty, feel good about themselves and just happy. I remember doing my friends hair and make up and seeing how happy it made them and how it could instantly boost their confidence. From that moment I was hooked! 

After graduating I got my first official "grown up" job at Unity salon, defiantly the best job I could have asked for. I got lucky enough to be at a salon that offered in house education and training, the first 7 months of being at Unity Salon began with being in their "Mastery Program" where i had both hands on and book training from their lead stylist and head of education. I was trained in creative and advanced coloring and blonding techniques, also certified and trained in beaded-weft extensions. I continued to work and learn full time.

Now 3 years later and its time for a new adventure in life and I welcome all of you join on the crazy journey. I will now be working full time as an independent hairstylist at Addy & Olly Salon. 

Now that you've gotten a small glimpse of my life, i'd love to invite you to stop by again and check out 'Valley Girl Beauty' on the regular.